Administrative Office Procedures (E1001)
Administrative Office Procedures (E1001)
Administrative Office Procedures This course provides a basic understanding of office procedures. It covers business continuity and succession, as well as the basic tools and processes required to function effectively. Business Office...
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Administrative Support Skills (E1012)
Administrative Support Skills (E1012)
Administrative assistants are a key part of most office environments. In the Administrative Support Skills course, participants will learn the core skills that will help them use their resources efficiently, manage your time wisely,...
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Anger Management Skills (E1022CR)
Anger Management Skills (E1022CR)
Anger Management Skills This workshop is suitable for all adults interested in dealing with aspects of anger and anger management or considering taking anger management classes. This online course will help teach participants how to identify...
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Appreciative Inquiry (E1031CR)
Appreciative Inquiry (E1031CR)
This course is suitable for those wishing to explore the fundamentals of appreciative inquiry and the 4 D model, approach and process. Appreciative inquiry is the ability to recognize the best in people and utilizing those strengths to discover...
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Assertiveness and Self-Confidence (E1041CR)
Assertiveness and Self-Confidence (E1041CR)
This course will provide you with many tips, techniques to help you to become more assertive and build your self-confidence. Assertiveness and self-confidence are comprised of important interpersonal communications skills and traits that can...
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Attention Management Skills (E1051)
Attention Management Skills (E1051)
Attention Management Skills Attention Management is a useful skill that allows managers to connect with their employees on an emotional level and motivate them to focus on their work and how to reach their personal and company goals. Every...
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Basic Bookkeeping 101 (E1061)
Basic Bookkeeping 101 (E1061)
This course is suited to those looking to learn about basic bookkeeping, in a small business,club or association where there is a need to keep accounts. Learn all about ​Balance Sheets, Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Income Statements, Revenue,...
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Being a More Effective (and Likable) Boss (E1071)
Being a More Effective (and Likable) Boss (E1071)
Being a More Effective (and Likable) Boss What are the signs and characteristics of a good boss? While many who enter into management and leadership roles want to be genuinely liked by the workers they supervise, seeking popularity for its own...
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Body Language Basics (E1081CR)
Body Language Basics (E1081CR)
Body Language Basics: ​Body Language Basics will provide you with a great set of skills to understand that what is not said is just as important than what is said. It will also give you the ability to see and understand how your own Body...
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Building High Performance Teams: In-house (E108C)
Building High Performance Teams: In-house (E108C)
High Performance Teams (In-House) are organizations, teams or groups working inside an office environment that are focused on achieving the same goals. Bringing team members together can sometimes be a challenging task. With our Building...
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